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Man pages

Data collection & friends

mar345 Data collection GUI for mar345 image plate detector
scan345 Terminal version of program mar345
mar345dtb Data collection GUI for mardtb goniostat and mar345 image plate detector
marmus Stand-alone GUI for operating Incoatec IuS generator
marmux Stand-alone GUI for operating Xenons GeniX generator
marsim mar345 image plate detector simulator
marsim mardtb goniostat simulator
margrabber Captures and displays data from mardtb crystal camera
mar345xf Spiral image transformation
marserver TCP/IP-server to duplicate ports for mardtb or mar345
mar345_config_file Description of configuration file for program mar345
mar345_formats Description of mar345 data image format
mar300_formats Description of mar180/300 data image format


marView GUI for mar image visualization and analysis
marcvt Image format conversion
marcombine Adds or subtracts mar images
marshrink Reduces size (number of pixels) of mar images

Data processing

automar Data processing GUI
marPeaks Peak search within (a series of) mar images
marIndex Indexing of peak lists produced by marPeaks
marPredict Spot prediction based on crystal orientation params (marIndex)
marStrategy Data collection strategy based on crystal orientation params (marIndex)
mar2mtz Converts reflection files from marProcess/marPost/marScale into mtz