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Mobile app for the mardtb goniostat
Goniometer motors: phi, distance, chi, 2-theta, beamstop
Collimator motors: hor. & ver. slits in ionization chambers 1 & 2
Crystal alignment motors: x,y,z translations, phi
X-ray readings in ionization chambers 1 & 2
Optimization: find best position of X-ray beam
Optimization: find best position of X-ray beam

    The mardtbapp is a full featured mobile app for our mardtb goniostat. It can be operated in parallel to the data collection program. Other than the hard-wired remote control unit of the mardtb, the mobile app allows for controlling (almost) all functions of the goniostat, in particular: shutter open/close, horizontal and vertical slits in ionization chambers 1 and 2, beam search and beam optimization - everything from your personal mobile device.

    Since the mardtb itself does not provide a wireless connectivity, a small microcomputer is required as interface. The microcomputer therefore is an integral part of the solution; the app cannot work without! The microcomputer provides both wired and wireless network adapters. An easy-to-use web interface allows for setting the desired connectivity parameters such as WiFi name and passwords.



    The mardtbapp cooperates with all flavours and versions of mardtb goniostats, be it a mar345dtb system or a system with a Rayonix CCD detector or a Dectris PILATUS / EIGER X-ray detector.


    The mardtbapp allows for operating almost all motors and hardware features of the mardtb goniostat. This includes shutter control, beam search and beam optimization. And since it is a mobile app: you can do this even from home...


    The microcomputer required to run the mardtbapp features an RJ-45 jack for connecting to the LAN. Usually, the microcomputer should be on the same network as the mardtb (192.0.2.x).  A WiFi dongle allows for integrating the controller into your wireless LAN either as client or as server.


    Only very few steps are necessary to upgrade your existing mardtb system with the mardtbapp solution. Essentially, you only have to modify one single configuration file.


    While the mardtbapp can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store (iOS version coming up soon), the required microcomputer has to be purchased as a complete package including a preconfigured tablet. Please ask for a quote.