Service contract for online and telephone support

marXperts offers fast and competent support for our products to keep them running over really long periods of time. In fact, there are instruments around about 20 years old that are still being maintained. While we would like to encourage you to purchase full-service maintenance contracts we also offer a smaller type of service contract that includes help to solve hardware problems by telephone and/or email. This online support contract includes a membership at the marXperts Software Club from where you can download fresh software and it also includes software installation support. Please move on to our online shop for more details and to obtain a quote.

Executable programs

The following executable programs or program suites are available for download:
Program Description
automar Sofware suite for data processing of single crystal data collected on our detectors. Please see the product page for details


  • Html pages are available for the following data collection and data processing programs:

  • The mar345dtb software distribution and installation guide is available here ...

  • The mar345= Owner's Guide is available here ...

  • Unix man style pages for several programs are available here ...

  • Source code for reading in mar345 formatted images is available here ...

Source code

Source code (C) is available for the following programs:
readmar345 Code for reading in an image in mar345 format. Optional output as 32-bit integer array. Optional interface for MATLAB.

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