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EN:Service contract

Service contract for online and telephone support For owners of a   marXperts  detector system: After warranty telephone and e-mail support for hardware and software of a mar345 / mar345dtb detector system. Includes software updates and software installation support plus a membership in the marXperts Software Club. Includes minor parts except consumables such as erase lamps. Minor parts will be shipped against shipping...

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EN:Software club

Software Club Membership During the marXperts  Software Club Membership you have access to all software executables and documentation, new releases and regular updates for several PC architectures, among others: 64-bit versions of current and older releases of Ubuntu Linux and selected other Linux flavours Executables for macOS executables for a variety of programs including programs mar345 and mar345dtb (excluding video support) A selection of programs for Microsoft Windows including program mar345 Software...

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PC's for data collection Linux PC: Classic PC in microATX case with current Ubuntu Linux 64-bit and mar software preinstalled Intel i3 1200 or AMD Ryzen 3, 4 cores 8 GB RAM DDR4 120 GB M.2 SSD for OS 1000 TB data disk, SSD Additional network card and TV-card HDMI and display port connector Micro ATX case, 24 liter, 377 x 180...

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Accesories for mar345 image plate detector LED erase lamps The mar345 image plate detector needs to be erased at the end of a scan. For this purpose, in the past we have been using halogen lamps with R7S sockets: one with 500W and 118 mm length, integrated into the reading head two with 250 W and 78 mm length, mounted in a fixed position on the base plate While this has worked for 20 years, halogen bulbs are about to vanish from the market. Thanks to substantial progress in LED technologies, the mar345= detector has  been redesigned...

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Accesories for mardtb goniometer Fluorescent screen Fluorescent screen mounted on pin including magnetic mounting base for automatic PHI axis   Fluorescent screen of approx. 3 x 3 mm on steel pin with diameter of 2.9 mm Magnetic base for mount on automatic PHI axis or easymount  Steel pin fits in standard IUCr-type goniometer head (e.g. from Huber) Usage: alignment of direct beam on mardtb or other goniostats Price: 150 € This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript...

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