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The illumination unit considerably facilitates mounting of samples on the mardtb goniostat, in particular of small ones that are hardly visible. The unit creates an ideal illumination situation around the sample. It can be retrofitted to any existing mardtb goniostat. The unit consists of:


mardtb illumination unit
  • 1 motorized paddle with a red LED light
  • 2 white LED lights
  • Mounting bracket for mardtb goniostat
  • Installation manual
mardtb illumination unit The crystal camera of the mardtb goniostat will look into the red LED light. It will make crystal mounting absolutely independent of surrounding lighting conditions. The LED built into the paddle will be brighter than any other surrounding light source. The 2 white LED lights are mounted on the bracket and the light beam is focused on the sample. The LEDs can be toggled from the software (mar345dtb). The paddle will automatically flip out of the way during data collection. It can also be operated from the remote control unit of the mardtb goniostat.

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