easymountmarxps - Crystallization Plate Scanner

  • marxps: crystallization plate evaluation made easy

    marxps crystal plate scanner

  • mar xps: close-up

    marxps crystal plate scanner

  • marxps: view towards beam

    marxps crystal plate scanner

  • marxps: fully integrated into mardtb control system

    marxps crystal plate scanner

  • marxps: perfect match with EIGER 4M detector

    marxps crystal plate scanner

  • marxps: intuitive graphical user interface for easy screening

    marxps crystal plate scanner


The marxps crystallization plate scanner is a brand-new addition to our legendary mardtb  goniostat system.  Essentially, it is a translation stage for widely used crystallization plates, with horizontal and vertical movements controlled by the mardtb electronics. It allows for quick and easy screening of your crystallization trials and saves you from the pain and risk of taking crystals out of their trays. 


Modular: The  marxps is a modular component of our mardtb  goniostat. It can be added to existing mardtb goniostats or it can be purchased together with a new mardtb. As such, it can be combined with any X-ray source from Mo sealed tubes to latest synchrotrons and takes advantage of the unique features of the mardtb system like the automatic beam search and optimization.
Full integration: The marxps is fully integrated into the electronics control system of the mardtb  and does not require addtional electronical components.
Any detector: The marxps can be used with any supported X-ray detector: the mar345  image plate, the EIGER and PILATUS3 detectors by DECTRIS and the SX-165/MX-225 CCD-detectors by Rayonix. Support for other detectors available on request.
Normal and low profile plates: The system currently supports 96-well plates with 1 to 4 drops per well (e.g. Greiner and Swissci). Adapters for other types of plates available on request.
Crystal camera: The crystal camera of the mardtb  is focussed at the position of the drops of the crystallization plate. The video stream is available to the controlling computer.
Point & click centering: The crystal in the drop can easily be centered from the software by point-and-click using the computer mouse.
Sophisticated software: The mardtb software comes with full support of the marxps component to make plate screening really easy. The software allows for automatic data collection of prescreened drops as well as fully automatic screening using a defined grid. The crystal camera is used to shoot photos from the drops used for data collection so there is a perfect feedback about the success of your crystallization work.
Mobile control: Naturally, also the functions of the marxps system are supported by the brand-new mardtb app available for Android Please look at the mardtb app page for more details.
Affordable: The marxps system offers a very affordable possibilty to further enhance your mardtb goniostat system. Please ask for a quotation!

Principle of Operation:

Mount/unmount crystallization tray:
Take your crystallization plate and just insert it into the holding area. No screws or tools involved - just slide it in! The flexible steel bracket safely holds the tray in the appropiate place.
Fast horizontal and vertical translations:
The horizontal and vertical movements are implemented with stepper motors with a resolution of about 1 micron/step and speeds of about 2.5 mm/sec. Moving from well to well is done in 2-3 seconds.
Automatic data collection:
Data collection is carried in multiple ways. You may want to visually screen the plate first and select a series of drops to be used for actually collect data. Or you can be lazy and just make an automatic data collection based on a definable grid. Or you can just stay at the experiment and do exposures drop by drop. Whatever suits you best...

Downloads and manuals:

Download the marxps product presentation and our movies and convince yourself how easy crystal mounting and retrieving can be.

Movies are in mp4 format and use the H.264 codec. All movies are full size with 640x360 pixels resolution.

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