marlin2mardtbapp - Mobile app for the mardtb goniostat

  • Goniometer motors: phi, distance, chi, 2-theta, beamstop

    mardtb: Goniometer

  • Collimator motors: hor. & ver. slits in ionization chambers 1 & 2

    mardtb: Collimator

  • Crystal alignment motors: x,y,z translations, phi

    mardtb: Crystal alignment

  • X-ray readings in ionization chambers 1 & 2

    mardtb: History

  • Optimization: find best position of X-ray beam

    mardtb: Optimize

  • Beam search: find X-ray beam from scratch

    mardtb: Find beam

The mardtbapp is a full featured mobile app for our mardtb goniostat. It can be operated in parallel to the data collection program. Other than the hard-wired remote control unit of the mardtb, the mobile app allows for controlling (almost) all functions of the goniostat, in particular: shutter open/close, horizontal and vertical slits in ionization chambers 1 and 2, beam search and beam optimization - everything from your personal mobile device.

Since the mardtb itself does not provide a wireless connectivity, a small microcomputer is required as interface. The microcomputer therefore is an integral part of the solution; the app cannot work without! The microcomputer provides both wired and wireless network adapters. An easy-to-use web interface allows for setting the desired connectivity parameters such as WiFi name and passwords.


Works with every mardtb: The mardtbapp cooperates with all flavours and versions of mardtb goniostats, be it a mar345dtb system or a system with a Rayonix CCD detector or a Dectris PILATUS / EIGER X-ray detector.
Full hardware control: The mardtbapp allows for operating almost all motors and hardware features of the mardtb goniostat. this includes shutter control, beam search and beam optimization. And since it is a mobile app: you can do this even from home...
Network connectivity: The microcomputer required to run the mardtbapp features an RJ-45 jack for connecting to the LAN. Usually, the microcomputer should be on the same network as the mardtb (192.0.2.x).  A WiFi dongle allows for integrating the controller into your wireless LAN either as client or as server.
Easy upgrade: Only very few steps are necessary to upgrade your existing mardtb system with the mardtbapp solution. Essentially, you only have to modify one single configuration file.
Affordable: While the mardtbapp can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store (iOS version coming up soon), the required microcomputer has to be purchased as a complete package including a preconfigured tablet. Please ask for a quotation!

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