marcammarcam X-ray Beam Camera

marcam: X-ray beam CCD camera marcam: X-ray beam CCD camera detail
The marcam is a CCD camera coupled to a screen that converts X-rays into visible light. It will display an image of the direct X-ray beam in 20 fold magnification on a TV monitor.


NO X-RAY LEAKAGE: The marcam comes with a set of adapters, that allow you to couple it directly to the X-ray optics to be aligned. The beam is completely enclosed and the user does not risk exposure to scattered X-rays.
WORK WITH ADEQUATE LIGHT:: Since the marcam displays the image of the beam on a TV monitor, there is no reason to turn the room lights off. Alignment procedures can be completed in adequate lighting to see small parts.
COMPLETE AND PORTABLE SYSTEM: The marcam is delivered in a briefcase sized metal carrying case. It includes the camera unit, several adapters for use with different X-ray optics , all cables, and a stand with a magnetic base.
MANY APPLICATIONS: The marcam replaces the fluorescent paddle and pin diode. It is useful for aligning monochromators, multilayers and focusing mirrors. It can also be used to check the focus of a rotating anode.
SAFETY: The marcam eliminates X-ray scatter and leakage during the alignment procedure. It also frees the hand that traditionally holds the fluorescent paddle. Since the image is displayed on a TV, there is no need to lean into the radiation enclosure and get close to the beam to see the result of adjustments.
20 FOLD MAGNIFICATION: The large image displayed on the TV monitor makes it much easier to observe the effect of alignment adjustments. The customer can confidently choose the double diffracted beam and obtain maximum intensity and purity with certainty. This also makes the marcam a good teaching tool.
AFFORDABILITY: The marcam is priced to replace your pin diode and fluorescent paddle. Contact us for a quotation based on your specific needs.

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