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Accesories for mardtb goniometer

Fluorescent screen

Fluorescent screen mounted on pin including magnetic mounting base for automatic PHI axis

mardtb fluorescent screen and magnetic mounting base   mardtb fluorescent screen mounted on base mardtb fluorescent screen mounted on PHI axis
  • Fluorescent screen of approx. 3 x 3 mm on steel pin with diameter of 2.9 mm
  • Magnetic base for mount on automatic PHI axis or easymount 
  • Steel pin fits in standard IUCr-type goniometer head (e.g. from Huber)
  • Usage: alignment of direct beam on mardtb or other goniostats

Price: 150 €

Illumination unit

The illumination unit considerably facilitates mounting of samples on the mardtb goniostat, in particular of small ones that are hardly visible. The unit creates an ideal illumination situation around the sample. It can be retrofitted to any existing mardtb goniostat. The unit consists of:


mardtb illumination unit
  • 1 motorized paddle with a red LED light
  • 2 white LED lights
  • Mounting bracket for mardtb goniostat
  • Installation manual
mardtb illumination unit The crystal camera of the mardtb goniostat will look into the red LED light. It will make crystal mounting absolutely independent of surrounding lighting conditions. The LED built into the paddle will be brighter than any other surrounding light source. The 2 white LED lights are mounted on the bracket and the light beam is focused on the sample. The LEDs can be toggled from the software (mar345dtb). The paddle will automatically flip out of the way during data collection. It can also be operated from the remote control unit of the mardtb goniostat.

Price: 1.100 €

Manual actuator for cryohead

The manual actuator is an optional accesory for the mardtb goniostat. It allows for sliding the cryohead of a cooling device slightly up and down, just enough for getting enough room for mounting a sample but without moving a sample completely out of the cold stream. The actuator is designed for single hand operation and is easy to install on any existing mardtb goniostat. The unit consists of:
manual cryo actuator with Oxford Cryosystems cooler mounted on mardtb
mardtb manual cryo actuator: detail
  • Translation stage with a range of approx. 20 mm
  • Manual brake for holding the cryo-device in the "up" position
  • Hard brake for preventing slippage of the cryo-device into the sample
  • Adapter for Oxford Cryosystems, Oxford Instruments and Rigaku coolers (other types upon request)
  • Mounting bracket for mardtb goniostat
  • Installation manual

Price: 1.500 €

Sliding table

Side view
Side view: extended
Top view
Back view

    The sliding table is a translation stage for the entire mardtb goniostat along the X-ray beam direction. The entire mardtb instrument together with a mounted detector sits on the sliding table. The range of movement is 250 mm. The purpose of the sliding table is to have easy access to the X-ray optics of your X-ray setup. It allows you to move the detector and goniostat out of the way for aligning the optics or doing other kind of service work. When finished you can easily slide back to almost the same position from where you came from. No need for major realignment work. If the position of the X-ray beam has moved at all, this will be easily in the range of automatic beam optimization procedures of the mardtb goniostat.

    The unit consists of:

    • Translation stage with a range of 250 mm
    • Two manual brakes for fixing the sliding table in a certain position
    • Solid aluminum table with recess areas for the 4 legs of the mardtb goniostat
    • Also available for standard marresearch goniostat instead of mardtb
    • Installation manual

    Price: 2.200 €