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  If you are not a scientist and you don't have a clue, what we are actually doing: we have a little video that explains in 2 minutes what X-ray crystallography is and what we do about it.
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2020 "Innovative through Research" award of German Stiferverband Innovative through research
2019 Full support of Dectris EIGER2 laboratory detector series.
2018 Introduction of the metaljet X-ray data collection system consisting of an Excillum MetalJet X-ray source, a Dectris PILATUS3 or EIGER detector and a mardtb goniometer.
2018 Introduction of the marxps crystallization plate scanner as addition to the the mardtb goniometer
2017 Finalist in Fedex Small Business Grant Contest 2017 for Germany.
2016 Introduction of the marLiN2 liquid nitrogen refill system.
2015 OEM-partner for PILATUS3 and EIGER detectors by Dectis AG, Switzerland. Full detector support with mardtb goniometer.
2014 Introduction of fast mar345= image plate detector and marYX2G data collection system.
2014 marXperts GmbH is founded and purchases the rights for the mar345 detector, the mardtb goniostat systems and marmux data collections system from Marresearch GmbH. New owners of marXperts GmbH are Claudio Klein (managing director), Goeran Helgesson (managing director), Hong Wang (sales and service China) and Maik Neubacher (service director), long time staff members at Marresearch GmbH. The new company marXperts GmbH continues to sell and service the mar345 detectors and mardtb goniostats as well as the products of Rayonix, LLC.
2008 marUSA is renamed to Rayonix, LLC. New owners are Michael Blum and two minor co-owners.
2007 Introduction of the marmux complete data collection system consisting of a mar345 detector, a mardtb desktop beamline and a micro-focus generator (Xenocs or Incoatec).
2007 Introduction of the easymount add-on of the mardtb desktop beamline.
2005 The co-founder Arno Lentfer leaves Marresearch.
2003 marUSA introduces the marmosaic tiled CCD-detectors with either 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 CCDs and 225mm, 300mm or 325mm square active surface, respectively.
2003 Introduction of the marcsc crystallographic sample changer as an add-on to the mardtb desktop beamline.
2002 X-ray Research GmbH changes its name into Marresearch GmbH, the trade name the company has been using for its products from the beginning.
2001 Introduction of the mardtb desktop beamline goniostat equipped with fully automatic beam search and optimization capabilities.
1998 Introduction of the marcam, an X-ray CCD-camera used for X-ray optics alignment.
1997 Introduction of the first marccd CCD-detector developed by marUSA, Inc., a U.S. company owned by Michael Blum and Jules Hendrix.
1996 Introduction of the mar345 image plate detector, a high speed system with a 345 mm diameter image plate and selectable pixel size. The read-out times of the detector range from 34 to 80 seconds.
1993 Introduction of the mar300 image plate detector, a system similar to the mar180 detector but with a 300 mm diameter image plate.
1990 The company X-ray Research GmbH is founded by Jules Hendrix and Arno Lentfer. The company introduces the mar180 image plate detector as result of the development of an image plate detector for X-ray crystallography at the outstation of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Hamburg, Germany.


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